A couple months or so ago, amongst my frequent reblogging on the Hobart tumblr of any antlers I see come across my dashboard, I added a caption to one that read, “I want to write a book that gets published and has antlers on the cover, the end.” and whiskeypaper┬áretumbled it and added, “EVERYTHING WAS ANTLERS & NOTHING HURT,” which I retumbled again, adding, “added to to-do list: write story called ‘Everything Was Antlers and Nothing Hurt’” and then a couple days later I had my class do an in-class writing exercise, during which I wrote a little story about antlers, and I called it “Everything Was Antlers and Nothing Hurt” and sent it to Leesa and she accepted it, and was even kind enough to use an image of antlers for section breaks, and now it’s on the site and ain’t it pretty?